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Then as it was,
Then again it will be.
Though the course may change sometimes,
Rivers always reach the sea.

Like stars of fortune,
Each has separate rays.
On the wings of maybe,
Down in birds of prey.
Kind of makes me feel sometimes,
I didn't have to grow.
But as the eagle leaves the nest,
He got so far to go.

Changes fill my time,
Baby that's all right with me.
In the midst I think of you,
And how it used to be.

Did you ever really need somebody?
And really need them bad.
Did you ever really want somebody?
The best love you ever had.
Do you ever remember me baby?
Did it feel so good.
Because it was just the first time,
And you knew you would.

Turn the eyes and I sparkle,
Senses growing keen.
Tasting love along the way,
See your feathers preen.
Kind of make you feel sometimes,
Didn't have to go.
We are eagles of one nest,
The nest is in our souls.

Vixen in my dreams,
With great surprise to me.
Never thought I'd see your face,
The way it used to be.
Oh darling, oh darling.

I'm never gonna leave you.
Ten years gone, holding on, ten years gone


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