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My Everything Lyrics

When we met, it wasnít quite clear to me
What you had in store was there for only me
Silly, you know you took me by surprise
Then I turned and looked, I saw that message in your eye

There you were, I fell on the floor
The way you move, girl, only made me want you more
I did not know you had me hypnotized
Thereís a movement of your body danciní in my eyes

I know I had to hold you and make you mine
Donít want to control you just to have a good time
In ecstasy when youíre layiní down next to me
Oh, no, no, ecstasy, yeah, when youíre layiní down next to me

I find it hard for me to concentrate
If I donít make my move, girl, it might be too late
Iíve got to make sure you donít get away
After all you done, girl, to make me wanna stay

All my life Iíve been searchiní for a star
Now my search is over and here we are
Liviní in ecstasy, yeah, when you lay down next to me, yeah
Here in ecstasy, when youíre layiní down next to me

I wanna hold you and make you mine
Donít want to control you just to have a good time
Liviní in ecstasy, well, when youíre layiní down next to me
Ooh...ooh...wee, ecstasy, when youíre layiní here with me, uh-huh

In this ecstasy when you are here with me, yeah
Oh, itís ecstasy, Lord knows when youíre next to me, yeah


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